Small Group Studies

Small Group Studies

We want to help you find great studies for your group.  We also want to help you stay balanced by having a healthy diet of discipleship throughout the year.  This involves using different topics, formats, and teachers to challenge your group members. While our groups have the freedom to pick their own studies at times, we encourage you to do at least one study from each category this year.

  • Personal Discipleship
  • Books of the Bible
  • Relational Growth
  • Bible History & Culture

Personal Discipleship

The Bible Recap

Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life

Experiencing God

Practicing the Way

Books of the Bible


The Storyteller Bible Study


Explore the Bible

Read the Bible Together

The Bible Jesus Read

Relational Growth

The Art of Parenting 

Intentional Parenting

I Said This, You Heard That

It Starts at Home

Bible History & Culture

That the World May Know

The Truth Project